Saturday, October 22, 2011

When I was 18 I bought a used Bolex 16mm ...

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When I was 18 I bought a used Bolex 16mm camera (no sound) from Calumet Camera in Chicago, got permission to audit a documentary film course at Northwestern University and waited for the Democratic Convention to arrive. My uncle Owen was a delegate from the Mississippi Freedom Democratic party and there was going to be a floor fight over which delegates from Mississippi got seated.

I never imagined that professional film motion picture cameras would go out of production. Of course, I never imagined the police rioting either, or the national guard preventing people from the South and West sides getting anywhere near the convention.

I resented the hell out of that at the time, but they probably deserve all the credit for the fact that I got through that week with an unfractured skull.
After 123 Years, Motion Picture Film Cameras Go Out of Production
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con·cept: When I was 18 I bought a used Bolex 16mm ...