Monday, October 17, 2011

*Today's What the?@!, brought to you by Kohler...

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Today's What the?@!, brought to you by Kohler

"Still, there is the problem of technological overkill. When you add a computer to something, you are also adding the kinds of problems computers have. One day I approached the Numi only to discover that its remote had frozen. After consulting the 43-page user manual, I realized that it had come to this: *I had to reboot the toilet.*"
Kohler's Numi Is Everything One Wants in a Toilet, and a Lot More
Kohler's Numi toilet comes with a heated seat, music, a lid that automatically raises and lowers, a remote control and more, all for $6,400.
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con·cept: *Today's What the?@!, brought to you by Kohler...