Sunday, October 03, 2004

ONA HOLLYWOOD: Bloggers, pundits to tackle Net's role in election

ONA HOLLYWOOD: Bloggers, pundits to tackle Net's role in election:
"Wonkette, Arianna Huffington, Joe Trippi to headline
Online News Association conference politics discussions

Bloggers are helping set the election news agenda, the Internet has helped candidates raise record amounts of cash, and newspaper Web sites are helping the Old Media interact with readers like never before. A week after the election, the Online News Association will help you make sense of it all with a stellar slate of high-profile speakers at its annual conference in Hollywood, Calif. on Nov. 12-13, 2004.

Ana Marie Cox, editor of the political blog, will deliver the luncheon keynote speech, a day after Associated Press CEO Tom Curley delivers the conference's opening keynote address. Cox covered the Democratic National Convention for MTV and has written for and The New York Times Book Review. Andrew Sullivan, ONA's 2003 keynoter, says she's 'the newest, funniest blogger on the block,' and The New York Times describes her as 'a serious-minded former editor [who] reinvented herself online as the Wonkette, a foulmouthed, hard-drinking, sex-obsessed politics junkie.' Who wouldn't want to have lunch with someone like that?"

Wonkette's speech will be followed by a keynote "Super Panel" of experts debating the Internet's role in the presidential election. Panelists include: Joe Trippi, Howard Dean's former campaign manager, MSNBC commentator and author of "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised"; Arianna Huffington, nationally syndicated columnist and former gubernatorial candidate; Slate's Mickey Kaus, who's been blogging about politics since 1999; Jehmu Greene, president of Rock the Vote; and legendary blogger Dave Winer, who covered the Democratic convention as a pioneering credentialed blogger and organized

The Super Panel will debate the impact of 24/7 online news coverage, citizen journalists, interactive news features and campaign sites -- and they will take questions from the audience. They will end by offering practical tips based on what lessons online news sites learned (or should have learned!).

"We've assembled the most rabble-rousing gang of political pundits ever to grace the Online News Association conference," Conference Chair Jonathan Dube said. "They are sure to surprise, amuse and inspire."

In additional to the political discussions, the two-day conference will cover a wide range of topics offering practical ideas and solutions to the problems digital journalists face. For example, the results of the recently released eye tracking study will be presented and the program will also feature tips on how to make your site smarter, easier to use and more attractive. Looking forward, the manager of Google news and editorial director of Yahoo will discuss how news aggregation is transforming the media.

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