Wednesday, October 13, 2004

George Bush “Girlie Man?”

George Bush “Girlie Man?”

His father was captain of the Andover baseball team. He was head cheerleader. In college he impressed his fraternity as a pledge, because, he alone, knew everyone's name. When he made his first failed run for office, he told his fellows at the republican new candidates camp that fundraising was easy, all you had to do was use your mother's christmas card gift.

A quarterback has to deal with the game as it's played, has to adjust to changes, correct mistakes. A cheerleader never admits a mistake, never has to.

Someone who actually plays he game, has to own up to the consequences of their actions. Cheerleaders just keep on cheering.

Cheerleaders think the game can't go on without them. Players know the difference between slogans and plays on the field. They know you can admit mistakes and still lead. They know you can adjust the play and win.

If “weapons of mass destruction” was the slogan, securing weapons caches and depots, was the play.

So why are equipment and materials tthat could be used to make nuclear weapons disappearing from Iraq? Entire buildings that housed high-precision equipment have been dismantled. Equipment that could help a rogue state or terrorist group make nuclear bombs. Equipment that had already been inventoried and sealed by the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Materials removed from these buildings, and from unguarded open storage areas, has turned up as far afield as the black market in the Netherlands.

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