Thursday, October 07, 2004

Accessory Before the Fact

Accessory Before the Fact

When you claim that a preemptive war is
necessary because the enemy has weapons of
mass destruction. The logical, indeed the only,
thing to do when you've deposed that enemy,
is to immediately sieze and control his
ammunition dumps and weapon centers, to
sieze and guard all buildings that might have
information about hidden weapons, for the
safety of your own forces.

When you never had plans to do so, you're either totally incompetent,
or your proclaimed cause was never anything but a pretext.

I'm afraid with this administration, we have evidence that both of
these are true.

They really expected a people who had a history of western occupation
was going to greet them with flowers, and their actions showed that
WMD, weapons of mass distruction weren't important enough to secure,
conventional weapons weren't important, order wasn't important. Oil,
and only oil was important.

Failure to secure those conventional arms, in a country
that virtually was an ammo dump, makes George W. Bush,
Donald Rumsfeld, and others accessories before the fact to
the murder of our servicepeople by improvised devices
from those same weapons caches. Makes them accessories
to the maiming of tens of thousands of our own, and
uncounted tens of thousands of Iraqis.

There is no other explanation for the extraordinary,
willful refusal to do the things necessary for the troops
safety. Remember, they thought they were going to pay
for the war and occupation with Iraqs own oil. But, even
in a best case scenario, if Iraqis had greeted us with
flowers, as in the liberation of Paris, there would have
still been Baathists and members of the Republican
Guard who would have known were the weapons were,
and would have been prepared to use them on our troops.

The only acceptable explanation for not immediately securing the
caches we knew of, for not siezing the information needed to find the
rest, is the knowledge that WMD weren't there, coupled with
incompetence that ignored the minor threat of conventional
explosives because the major threat of chemical, biological,
and nuclear weapons was a sham.

con·cept: Accessory Before the Fact