Sunday, January 01, 2012

What Are They So Afraid Of?

Anyone and everyone who differs from them, apparently in any degree. And that's just for starters.

What's worse is the lengths they'll go to justify their fears. Their willingness to craft non existent incidents, to weave tales from fantasy aren't the end. They're the beginning.

We need to tell them that the Bill of Rights is not a sign of America's weakness. Due process extended to our enemies is evidence of our strength. Special tribunals and secret prisons are evidence of fear and weakness.

Even if Congress is weak and fearful, we, the people, are not afraid. And we,the people, are not weak.

Terrorists have failed, repeatedly, to sabotage the workings of government. Elected representatives, have not only succeeded, but are proud of doing the terrorists' work.

The confirmation of judges and executive appointments has been virtually halted. Congress does almost none of the nations business, tries to extort benefits for those who have no need as preconditions for the little business it does do.

The facts aren't on their side but they've become expert in drowning facts at birth and are hard at work developing systems and networks to abort truths while still in the womb. They've learned that lies are easier to swallow when mixed with a little fear, a bit of greed, a lot of volume and unending repetition.

con·cept: What Are They So Afraid Of?