Sunday, April 10, 2011

Republican('t)'s New Clothes

Nicholas D. Kristof
Our Cowardly Congress -
"Unfortunately, the new Republican initiative would worsen government debt problems, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The C.B.O. (whose numbers Republicans regularly use to attack Democrats) estimates that with current trends, debt will reach 67 percent of gross domestic product in 2022. But it finds that under the Republican plan, because of increased tax cuts, debt would reach 70 percent of G.D.P.
In other words, the Republican position is that America faces such a desperate debt crisis that we must throw millions under the bus — yet the result is more debt than if we do nothing."
When the lies are naked, you never have to worry about pants on fire.

Meanwhile, people who wouldn't vote on anything until after last November's election, even though they controlled both House and Senate, think the President shouldn't compromise so much.

So, one side pretended the numbers they didn't like would go away if they just waited. The other side just makes the numbers up.
con·cept: Republican('t)'s New Clothes