Thursday, January 20, 2011

Republican(t)s Unanimously Vote to Repeal Lifesaving Healthcare Bill

Health Care Law Repeal Voted in House -

Even as four House committees begin drafting legislation, Republicans said they would seek other ways to stop the overhaul, by choking off money needed to carry it out and by pursuing legislation to undo specific provisions, like a requirement for most Americans to carry health insuranceor face penalties. The law is also under challenge in the federal courts, with the individual coverage requirements fueling a constitutional battle likely to be decided by theSupreme Court.
The House vote was the first stage of a Republican plan to use the party’s momentum coming out of the midterm elections to keep the White House on the defensive, and will be followed by a push to scale back federal spending. In response, the administration struck a more aggressive posture than it had during the campaign to sell the health care law to the public. With many House Democrats from swing districts having lost their seats in November, the remaining Democrats held overwhelmingly together in opposition to the repeal.

Looking at places under Republican(t) control like Arizona, their idea of saving healthcare seems to hinge on denying it to desperate people who might otherwise live.

con·cept: Republican(t)s Unanimously Vote to Repeal Lifesaving Healthcare Bill