Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Perfect (Accidental) Argument For Net Neutrality

Internet a Weapon in Fox-Cablevision Dispute -
“When we realized we were affecting non-Cablevision video subscribers, we quickly altered our position,”

"A Hulu spokeswoman did release a statement to the technology news site All Things D: “Unfortunately, we were put in a position of needing to block Fox content on Hulu in order to remain neutral during contract negotiations.” Hulu refused to comment further.

But for reasons that remained unclear, the blockade did not work in all Cablevision households. Furthermore, within hours, the News Corporation realized that by blocking Cablevision subscribers’ computers it was also blocking some people who pay Cablevision for Internet only and pay competitors like DirecTV for television. Those people were “caught in the crossfire,” Ms. Wright said.

The News Corporation reinstated access in a matter of hours.

The action was hotly debated within the company, according to three people who were aware of the conversations. While some executives said it had helped in the negotiations with Cablevision, others said it had backfired because it stirred up questions about net neutrality, according to people who insisted on anonymity."
con·cept: A Perfect (Accidental) Argument For Net Neutrality