Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Contrary Brin misc aside: send books to soldiers/sailors...

We keep saying we're not at war with the Iraqi people. We're not at war with Islam. We don't even seem to be coherently at war with enemies who use terrorism. Instead we're at war with terrorism itself. We might have killed, detained, and yes, tortured fewer Iraqis and Muslims if we were at war with them. We might even apply the Geneva Conventions.

“Reasonable people can have diverse opinions about the war in Iraq. I have expressed doubts here over the way we have fumbled around over there. (As I say below, those who shamefully left Saddam in power in 1991 have no right to preen over sending our troops back 12 years later, to correct their fantastic blunder. At best, they are atoning for a horrible stain on our honor.)

Still, despite grotesque political meddling and the bad apple behavior of some horrid rogues, most our soldiers and beleaguered officers are doing their best in a very rough situation. They deserve support, whatever we think of the War Plan they are forced to execute.

I have long made a habit of mailing crates of books to military units around the world, doing my small bit as an author and reader to help ease the draggy ennui that spans the intervals between episodes of danger and courage. (Lately, the Navy Department gave me a lovely wall chatchki for donating $2,000 worth of hardcovers to ships at the San Diego Naval Base.) ”

War on Blitzkrieg.

War on Saturation Bombing.

How about a War on House to House Combat?

Isn't it time we stopped fighting a tactic and concetrated on defeating the enemy?

con·cept: Contrary Brin misc aside: send books to soldiers/sailors...