Thursday, January 27, 2005

Iraq election log:

“What is the effect of the intensified violence surrounding the election on ordinary Iraqis? What does it mean to be holding this election after decades of tyranny? Is it right to be going ahead with the elections at this time? Will the election bring a brighter future for Iraq or will it bring yet more strife?

We will also publish contributions from non-Iraqis to find out about their lives in Iraq.

The log will run for two weeks starting on 24 January, with new contributors joining the log as it progresses.

The BBC Host in this log is the BBC News website's Middle East team. The role of the host is to add context and explanation where necessary and point readers to external sites that add to the picture of life in Iraq.

This is not a weblog or blog in the pure sense. The log is mediated in that an editor, the BBC Host, will read all posts and the comments they generate before publication.

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